Peter Optical : The Storyteller part 2

  • Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Continued Characters Performed by Peter Optical

Victorian themed wedding

This is Cyril Visco, the night porter of a noble / handsome Victorian man.

Cyril offers traditional Christmas music and warm Christmas greetings at the public reception, corporate events, Christmas malls and Christmas lights in the city.

Cyril is also available for Victorian-style weddings at these and other thematic events throughout the year. On request, your scales can be named after a happy couple. On the same scales, the time is marked and the marriage is announced with good news, followed by a background musical entertainment when the spouses leave the ceremony.

For weddings, festivals, fairs or celebrations at Christmas, Medieval Christmas, Tudor or Elizabethan, Peter delivers traditional songs on instruments from different eras and uses his many other entertainment skills to enhance the festive lighting of the season.

Dickens Christmas Themed Wedding

A festive character with a Dickensian theme that maintains the old traditional Christmas theme, with its vast repertoire of Christmas carols from flute and trumpet, accordion and melodeon. This Dickensian gentleman is also available all year round for themed weddings and as an aquatic traveller for Christmas parties and other themes or themes.

All age groups and skills are supported

Circus seminars can be an excellent starting point for other program subjects at all important stages.

English, math, science, history, geography, art, music, theatre and sports.

Peter Optical has presented circus seminars in schools for over 30 years.

The duration of all circus seminars can be adjusted according to the school calendar.

Circus skills workshop

No dress

There are no gadgets. There are no products.

An extraordinary form of individual and collective development.

Quite funny.

Circus workshops by Peter Optical are designed for schools, but can be adapted to all ages and all occasions if the work is large enough and secure. After-school clubs, youth clubs, games, scouts, puppies, guides, brownies, adult education, corporate events and special events can benefit from seminars on circus techniques.


Perseverance is the key to acquiring many circus skills. This can increase concentration and attention span. Children are aware of their learning and endurance, while participation in seminars on circus techniques is reinforced by notable improvements at each stage.


Coordination, balance, reflexes, timing and rhythm improved thanks to circus seminars as well as hand-eye coordination and control (notably thanks to juggling).


It can improve children’s confidence and self-esteem.


They are encouraged to trust and work together, especially when working with stilts. All communication skills are encouraged.


Her circus and skills foster creativity in all aspects of language, theatre and art.

After all, the circus and related skills have developed in many different cultures throughout history.

It has universal appeal and can therefore be integrated into the same opportunity program.

All seminars on circus techniques are adapted to the school’s needs and program. A seminar on circus techniques begins with a friendly introduction and discussion on safety, followed by some simple warm-up exercises / coordination games. The basics, rhythms and juggling patterns are first taught with handkerchiefs, with one, two and three balls moved if necessary.

All equipment for circus workshops: ~ Handkerchiefs, balls, mallets, rings, spinning tops, Diablo, devil sticks, cigar boxes, ball rolls, weights, sticks and stilts (unicycles and later) depending on age and space) are discussed in detail and demonstrated by the student before use

Peter Optical can safely organize a seminar on circus techniques with groups of 30 to 35 students, which is a recognized number for this activity.

Small groups also allow for individual instructions and advice.


Peter Optical can become one of the following Christmas figures for traditional Christmas celebrations.

Cyril Mistel, M. Yule, PC Snow, Old Santa, The Green Knight, The Middle Age or Tudor Walking Minstrel. Cashier.


Night porter and Bellman to the nobility. Cyril is not only a traditional supplier of festive Christmas music and happy holidays, but it is also available all year round for other occasions. Cyril is well trained in pruning, which can, on request, bear the name of the town, city or village in which he is called upon to carry out his work. It not only names the hours, but can also be used for entertainment with music, magic, juggling and a story or two.

Mister Yule

Mr. Yule is a festive and friendly Dickensian character who keeps traditional Christmas alive with his Christmas carols, including songs that spark the imagination of the pipe and the laboratory. The pipe and the tabor are a pair of instruments played by a single player. It consists of a three-hole pipe which is played with one hand and a tabor (snare drum) which is played with the other hand. A group of men each on the rest. “

PC Snow

This Victorian or late 1940s / early 1950s policeman has high moral standards and a strict understanding of the discipline. However, the words “Merry Christmas” will soften your heart and make you smile in front of this long law.

Always ready to tell the story of Christmas as a child.

Old Santa Claus

A young man who plays many traditional Christmas carols on many instruments but always finds time to talk to young and old about his memories of the past and his wishes for the holiday season.

The habit of telling Christmas stories is a very old pastime when it was also traditional to tell ghost stories. This Christmas story would inspire Charles Dickens to write a magnificent Christmas story “Christmas Carol” which evokes not only the spirit of Jacob Marley but also the past, Christmas and the Christmas present. . still happens.

Peter is one of the few professional Essex storytellers who produces not only stories in schools in Essex County, but also his storytelling skills in schools, libraries, churches, festivals and many other countries.

Since his idea 34 years ago, Peter has been very involved in storytelling, arranging songs and songs in the annual service of traditional folk songs from Leigh-on Sea.