Peter Optical Adults Parties and Characters (18+)

  • Monday, Nov 23, 2020

Storytelling … the ancient art of all nations, for all ages, we are never too old for a story or too young … As a storyteller, Peter Optical wraps history in a story that appeals to all ages. These stories are often intertwined with magic, music and a bit more music on different instruments. Narrator, author, musician, laboratory director; Peter has over 35 years of experience in schools and school theatres. As a professional narrator, Peter has brought his active story to many schools, libraries, museums, and festivals at home and abroad.

The story went well, even the youngest (and adults) were adopted. Jonathan Wicks, Director of Public Development, Libraries, Essex County. We have had storyteller visits in the past, but no one has been compared to their high standards of Peter. Staff and students were inspired to tell oral stories. We will definitely call you back, they said. Literacy Coordinator, Leigh North Street Junior School. He was a great encouragement to develop the language and work on the subject. Overall, a qualified professional artist that I can recommend.

He kept Grove County Kindergarten for almost an hour. He involved the children as much as possible and we were very impressed and satisfied with his presentation. “Hamstel Children’s School Thank you very much, you were fantastic, we had a great day and we took good pictures of you. You really read the atmosphere and would recommend it without hesitation. Miss rescue school, Rayleigh , enthusiastic Essex Peter trampoline bridge, perfect for future language development and stimulating for continuous reading Dale R Frith MA DipEd, Porter Grange Peter Elementary School and kindergarten not only tell a verbal picture but also improve their skills as stories of animated animators with a simple approach that unique narrative interpretations provide a fun scene and travel experience - all stories are written countless, never written, never told twice, spontaneous and alive.

But that’s all kids stuff! Peter also has a side project where he performs for more mature audiences. These delights are for the over 18+ crowds which are usually performed in comedy clubs, pubs, weddings, funerals, and prisons.

There are a number of diverse characters with their own back stories, such as Cracker Jim the Meth dealer. Cracker Jim is a homeless fella how shares his stories of late-night fishing and rummaging through shop bins for food.

Dave Smart is a professional second-hand car dealer by day, but between the hours of 10am and 7pm he is a lousy gambler. His game of choice is both the slot machines and the roulette tables. Dave is both an online casino user and also enjoys a trip to the bookies to lay down some sports bets when the football is on. Hear is incredibly funny story of throwing away over $25,000 on gambling and winning nothing from it.

The celebrity chef Dolly Sweet makes rude jokes and even ruder meals. Hilarity will overcome audiences when they hear the story about the time she was cooking for a famous couple and the evening turned into a swinger’s party and misplaced the meat loaf.

Lots of fun for the adults and great performances from Peter that is able to win over any crowd, no matter what age they are.